Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Wonderful Weekend (Warning this is going to have a lot of photos)

I know this is hard to see
We started in Ramnicu Valcea
Went to Brasov
Went to Sigisoara
Passed through Medias
Passed through Sibiu
And ended back in Ramnicu Valcea
Well that was my amazing weekend. First we left in the morning around 8, we picked up all the others. Liz was sick so she had to stay home :(. We were on our way. It was very cool to drive through the rural areas and see the farming community. It's seems very different to us because it's very traditional. When I say very I mean very. I was talking to a couple of my classmates and it really is the more stereotyped Romania. It was very beautiful there. Then we went and saw a Monastery in Curtea de Arges.

I didn't take my camera, and I your not allowed to take pictures in the monastery so I found these on the internet. I was amazingly beautiful, and it the legend was very cool. Look it up because I could not tell it as well, and that would take up a lot of space :)

After that we went for a VERY VERY long car trip. Not that long probably four to five hours. It was beautiful but the road was horrible, romanian roads are not for the faint of heart or stomach. It was gorgeous though, it looked like the set of Lord of the Rings. If the shire wasn't in New Zealand and was in the mountains, thats where it would be. 

After that long drive we ended up at Bran Castle! We sadly didn't get to go in, but we will later this year!

We ate lunch their, my host family said it was a snack. So all of us tried to get small stuff. They said no. My host mom ended up ordering me a bowl of tomatoes? Oh well, they were good tomatoes. I think it was a confusion language thing.

After we left their we went to Brasov, where we didn't actually stay long. My host dad has a work project their, and there was something he had to take care of. We maybe stayed for 20 minutes.

Another 2-3 hours worth of driving after Brasov and then we were in the magical city of Sigisoara, which we still can't pronounce. 

It was too amazingly beautiful! We got explore a little bit on our own. We walked through the town, and the cemetery! After that we went around with my parents. That when we discovered that they were shooting a German independent film their about the nazi regime in France. It was very cool, we're going to watch it as soon as it comes out. We went up the clock tower, which was BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS.
This is the clock tower
it had all of these for all the major cities
After that we went and ate at Vlad Dracul's house! I'm not joking, I swear. He lived in the house for four years of his reign as king. I got this really delicious dish, that I don't even know what was in it. Polenta was!

We went back to the room after dinner and then Lexi, Shelby and I had very interesting conversations and probably didn't get to sleep until 1 am........ I was tired haha

We woke up and explored a bit and we saw these interesting people.....they were very nice, and very interested in the fact that we were American.

After that we left :(

We went to the fortified church, I have no idea where it is (in a very small town) but it was a very cool church. It was like a castle!
Then we were on our way home...but then we stopped and got more food!

The button that called the waiter

My bread soup

And dessert
Well we got home safe and sound, but two hours later we had a rotary meeting. yay! We got to meet these awesome british people. In fact I now know the coordinator for youth exchange in London and I am friends with her on facebook! I feel special when I know people. It was all fun, but it lasted till midnight, and the next day we had school. I wasn't very awake for school on Monday. Though on monday I got to go meet a lady from the embassy and peace corps members. We're having a Mexican food night this thursday and I cannot wait!
The most gorgeous view on the drive back
This next weekend I get to go to Arad to meet all of the other exchange students! You have no idea how excited I am for this!

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