Friday, September 16, 2011

School Uh Oh!

Well I have started school.........................................
I think that pretty much explains itself
I have learned that I speak three languages: Sarcasm, English, and Confusion.

Well actually it has been going quite well, all of my classmates are nice and explain everything. I was proud of Shelby and I we finally had an hour long conversation with two awesome girls today, without any awkward silences. That happens a lot here. Break down of school here. First of all you don't have the same classes everyday here. You switch, and you don't know until the day before :/ . Also the teacher switches classrooms not you (awesome). Break down of classes.

Geography- only had once, but was awesome. Teacher seemed very interested in us. I feel bad though cause we don't understand him.

History- teacher nice, but it's awkward because he translates stuff for us in the middle of class. O_O and everybody stares.

Math- scary

English- awesome

Technology- awesome we didn't do anything

Art-Awesome we didn't do anything

Sociology- I wonder if I've ever heard a teacher talk so much.

Biology- I don't know what happened during that class haha.

French- I don't think the teacher likes us.

Romanian- Shelby and I try and translate the notes. It doesn't work :(

I'm getting used to school now, and to being confused haha. Oh well!

Today afterschool Shelby, Lexi and me had an awesome day. Well first of all I did get to see more of the city, YES! First we went to Chez Marie, the tea shop, and i had a delicious French frappe. After that we ate at my house because Buni made food, we still didn't finish it all and there were three of us.  O_O. Then we went shopping! Every girls dream. I bought a pair of sandals because flats here are way to hot. You are thinking of turning on the heat, we are thinking of shade. Amazing thing the shoes were 9 dollars! Then we went to Zavoi park! It was very nice and we went on the swings. It was there that Lexi tried out her Dog Repellent, and it didn't go so well hahaa.

After that we went to ANOTHER park, which was so much fun it had so many statues and a beautiful fountain. Just somethings we say today, be jealous haha.

Then Shelby and I walked home and got pictures at the school. Who are dorks? WE ARE!

BWAHAHA it's the teachers entrance. Students and teachers have different entrances here. Also student and teacher interaction is different.

On a personal note, I'm getting really used to people laughing at me/looking at me strange.

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