Friday, September 23, 2011

Buna! Ce Faceti?

what it looks like when I walk to school
Buna! Ce faceti?

Hello! How are you?

That completes my romanian hahaha just kidding. So it's been awhile (not that long) since I made a post but since I'm leaving this weekend I thought I would.

For this weekend Shelby, Lexi, My host family, and I are going to Sighisoara and Brasov! I'm very excited about Brasov it has two of the castles I have been DYING TO VISIT!!!! We'll see if I get to.

So a little on my has been pretty great. I have gone to school everyday learned new things, I actually have a romanian friend. There are others who talk to us, but we've realized they don't feel comfortable talking with us. Many of the exchange students that I know have the problem that they can speak english and make friends and learn their host language later. Here even if you do speak english you still don't make that many friends. I cannot wait till the day I speak romanian!
A fountain in my town
As you can tell these pictures
have nothing to do with the post

School is actually very frustrating. Shelby made a great analogy for how we feel, "You know when you switch the TV or radio to a station that only has static, thats what we hear all the time." It's so true, and it gets really frustrating not being able to understand. It makes me feel rather stupid.

Another Analogy that I made up, "Being on exchange is like being pregnant. Your emotions are everywhere, you have cravings, and you're getting fatter." I never really know how I feel anymore because this is the first time that I genuinely hate school, but I like my classmates. There is always something good to counteract the bad.

One bad thing though is that I feel like such a pig today I bought oreos and these little star chocolate things. Yesterday I ate chocolate, chocolate croissants, and pumpkin bread covered in chocolate. I'm going to be fat O_O.  Also I eat soooo much with my host family.

This is pasta with nut dust. I don't know how to call it but it's really good! Then the picture on the right is ketchup, sweet and spicy. Weird huh? They eat it with pizza, it's actually really good.

I had my first tennis practice yesterday, one way of getting in shape. I'm actually really bad, that's okay. Then today Shelby and I went for a run, although I'm sooooo out of shape. I do have to go up my stairs at least three or four times a day.

Weird facts about romania

-Walking down the street everything is a staring contest, they don't smile! When I do it, I get very strange looks haha.
-They are very interested in staring at the American.
-You have to buy plastic bags at the grocery store
-There are so many strays
-They are a very open culture. Nudity is not shunned. "No shirts, No shoes, No service" is completely true but in a different way. No romanian guys wear shirts, the gypsy's don't wear shoes, therefor they wouldn't get business if this was a rule.
-Stray dogs everywhere. Every morning on the walk to school other people are barked at by strays. Shelby and I smile at them and say hi (not touching) and they leave us alone. Sometimes they follow us, but not that bad.
-Everybody goes to the clubs (I have yet to go)
-Most guys have beer bellies cause they drink so much beer
-Their treats here are WAY TO GOOD
-Oreos taste like yeast and sugar put together
-Yeah I'm adding pictures now
Sorry that this post is with very little, the next one will have stuff about the weekend. Eventually I will take pictures of my class, but I would feel very strange doing that right now. :/

The public libraries ceiling

City Center Fountains at night

An ice cream truck
Some guys playing chess

I'll update you guys on monday about my weekend and maybe I'll have more pictures of my classmates and school :D Definitely about my trip :D

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