Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Springtime is here

Well Spring is in the air, and I love it! Though sadly, this is the week I  switch host families. I can not believe that 2/3 of my exchange are completely gone! Everyday I spend here I wish I could have five more. Well lately not too much has been happening just living normal life. I went to a party on Saturday set up by Interact called, "Step Up," Was a dance contest in which a ton of talented performers danced mostly hip hop. I had so much fun there! I'm always impressed by the things that they do at these dance competitions!

Spring is in the air and there are puppies everywhere!!!!!
It makes me soooooo happy. They are so darn adorable, here is picture of some that live by my old host families house!

Other than that life has been quite boring. Lexi and I even went prom dress shopping. Well Lexi did all the trying on and I took the pictures it was still so much fun.

And Valcea is just as wonderful as it has been. Pretty and everybody is doing great!
Lexi trying Schweppes haha funny
just Valcea!