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Sibiu!!! AHH a most wonderful place. Este foarte frumos (it is very beautiful).  We left Ramnicu Valcea around 9:30 in the morning, but of course since nobody is on time in Romania (including myself), we got picked up around 9:45. It's around a three hour drive there, and soooooooo gorgeous. It's along the Olt River, and it's so gorgeous. The olt river, sorry i don't have any pictures, is huge. By huge I mean wide! The mountains were gorgeous also, they are big, but not as big as in Colorado. The drive was funny because I was listening to my music, Lexi was asleep, and Shelby just in the middle. We couldn't understand Dinu and Mihai's conversation. Dinu is my rotary counselor and Mihai is Lexi's host dad.

Thick Tower
This is Dinu, the one with hair, and Mihai, the one without hair. haha. They are awesome and very chill. Anyways, first Dinu explained how Sibiu was European Capital of Culture in 2007. Then we went to walk through upper town. It is a huge road, only you just walk on it, no cars. It was so gorgeous, and since we were there before everybody else there weren't that many people! First we went into Thick tower. Which back in the days was like the entrance to the tower, but now it's just randomly in the middle of the city. It was about five flights of HORRIBLE stairs that we were all sure we were going to fall down/up.

It was really cool cause in each room it would have something different like pictures or small tiny windows haha. Also they were playing rock music :). It was very cool, Dinu and Mihai just stayed outside and talked. In fact they never came with us, oh well! The view from the very top was gorgeous, the first picture was just one of the views.
It was very gorgeous as you can see. O_O.

I wish I had this view from my room haha.

All the buildings there are so old and majestic. When I got home I told my host mother that the city was, "foarte mare si frumos." Very big and beautiful.
She told me it wasn't a big was to me
After that we walked a little bit and they pointed out the liars bridge. The liars bridge is a bridge in the middle of town, and a long long time ago men would take women there. The women would ask the men if they loved them, and the men would lie. Hence Liars Bridge.

Surprisingly we saw somebody getting married on it?  Not sure if thats where I would want to get married

After that we went to the Evangelical church in town, it was amazingly gorgeous and huge. No pictures inside the church but the outside pretty much explains the inside haha

Gorgeous and the inside is even more so! Trust me you have to go see it if you ever go to Sibiu!

After Church, we went to a museum of history. It was very interesting and different from our museums. First we went through the times of the cave man all the way to pre medieval times. Then we went to another exhibit and that had medieval times to renaissance. It was beautiful, but it was in romanian so we didn't understand it :(. Plus there were these motion sensors that kept going off, so the police guy stalked us for awhile.

After that museum we went to.....LUNCH! It was more of a local spot and OH MY GOD that was good food. First we had soup, we each got a different one. I got bean soup with bacon, yummmm. After I finished that, when I say finish I mean there was nothing left in the bowl! Then we split two main meals between the three of us. We got cheese polenta (Oh my deary goodness that was amazing) and smoked pork (yummmm). I was about to explode. Then we had to get desert! Ice cream dumplings with fresh pears! You can imagine how good that tasted. 

After that another museum, I found this one a lot more interesting because it was art. It's the oldest museum in romania! It's called Brukenthall! We got to see Austrian, Dutch, Modern, and Romanian Art. Plus some Greek sculptures. 
That is the original painting of Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, and I got to see it! AAHH

After that museum, we went and saw the main orthodox church of the area. When i say main it literally is the one they all follow in this area and it is huge and gorgeous. 
This is the outside of the church
This is the inside
I stole this picture from wicki
cause you're not allowed to take pictures
Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!!!!!  Magical, beautiful, exquisite, glorious, impressive. I could go on forever about this church!

After that we left :(. I had a wonderful day in sibiu, and I discovered that Dinu sings! haha

Wish me luck with even more school tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed this post!

More pictures of Sibiu 


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