Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exploring the Unknown.....DUH DUH DUHHHHHH

The city :D
So many things have happened in the past couple of days, many of which I don't have pictures of sorry. I just always feel weird pulling out my camera, it makes me feel like a tourist. :( Anyway so for awhile I hadn't really been anywhere, but last night I had a Rotary meeting at in which I got to meet the other exchangers! YAY. It was at one of their host parents house and we get along very well. There is Shelby, Liz, Lexi, and Moi. They are all from the East Coast, America. I discovered Shelby just lives up the block from me! First of all this was nice because they helped with the language (ughh), and they know what I'm going through too because we're all going through it.

They took me and Lexi around the city today!!!!! Shelby and Liz have both been here for two weeks. First they took us to the tea house. It was so delicious and we're going back tomorrow because we don't have school until Tuesday!
Liz drinking tea

We got Savanna tea
It's a citrus tea

Next we walked down the main road and we say the court house it's the most beautiful thing. First you walk through the courtyard of fountains and then at the very top you find a statue. There are some stairs close to that that lead you up to another statue. After that we went on a little hike.....The hike was somewhat long and somewhat difficult. We were all wearing flats or some sort of inappropriate shoe. It was so beautiful though, and it was nice to know that we could go hike and be outdoors. At the end we were very tired though. Plus there was some man sleeping next to the path...


Above is the mall, it's huge it has four stories and SOOO many stores. We went and ate there, mall food isn't much better there oh well. I got pizza! Romanian pizza is quite different. We also went to a technology store, a book store, a shoe store, and an accessory store. Excluding food I only bought one thing and it was 10 lei so it was like 3 dollars. Oh and the tea was like a dollar for each of us haha. Love it here! It was a hair accessory  After that we went down to this amazing park! It's called Zavoi, and it was absolutely beautiful, why can't we have parks like that in America!

Then after that I went to dinner with some of my host families friends, and they were big into joking. Jokes that would have been pretty strange here, and pretty "not okay" with my host parents because I'm a "child."

On the good side I'm starting to understand/speak more Romanian. Simple stuff like Mi-e somn (I am tired) or Interesant. And now I can usually order in ROmanian perfectly fine, and get whatever I need. Such as a left over box or a bottle of water. At the dinner though I barely understood anything 0_0

Wish me luck at school I start on MarĊ£i (Tuesday). Tomorrow I'm going shopping with the other exchangers.

Also I learned that at the end of the month I get to go to a Rotary Meeting in Arad. I'm very excited!

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