Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My brain este mamaliga

Well this week has been the best and worst week. Actually leaning towards the best. We started out our lovely weekend with going to inbound orientation. It was really fun to meet all the other exchange students, all eight of them! It was quite fun!

From right to left starting in the back row: Paul (Taiwan), Lexi (US), Alex(US), Moi(US), Shelby (US), Vini (Mexico)

Bottom row: Luis (Mexico), Liz (US), Milena (Brazil)

It was very fun, we even taught them....NINJA. We also taught our classmates, they love it haha.

10th floor at night

The mexican flag party

Day time 10th floor party
Also I'm getting pretty settled into school now, and I can understand more and more each day! Although today we got back our english papers and I didn't get 100%! The teacher then asked if we thought our papers reflected our knowledge. Haha then I went back through my paper and saw all of my stupid mistakes. My brain este mamaliga.

All the people in my class are very nice, and invite Shelby and I places. Although with Rotary/Gazda occupying our last two weekends this might be the first weekend we get to hang out with them!

Just some things we have seen. ;D

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