Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lalalalala Packing!

I'm trying to keep posting on here, but since I don't leave for 43 days I might be rather bad for I have nothing to blog about : / . Well first on the agenda is I have packed my entire room. Yes, it is 43 days away and my room is completely packed away in boxes! The reason for this is because we're planning on renting out my room to another person. I live in a small college town, so usually a college kid rents out the room. Since school starts in August we had to get all of the stuff out and ready to show to others! One nice thing about this is I know I can live out of my suitcase! All I have left are things I'm taking with me, which isn't a lot.



 I'm very sorry for the awkward picture placement, but on blogger placing pictures is getting increasingly more difficult!

It was amazing when I got rid of all the stuff, and I did it in three days! My friend Anna came and helped me one day. 


 It's strange not seeing my stuff  
in my room. It used have maps and such all over the walls and now its just blank.

Yes, if you look closely to my suitcase on the left there is a panda.
I love pandas.
: D

Second on the agenda is my friend Danni should be leaving soon, although, I have just read if she doesn't get her visa by tomorrow afternoon her leave date will be pushed back! Oh No! Although it isn't by much, I'll miss her very much! If you would like to read her blog it's in a link on the left somewhere....

Thirdly, Romanian is getting more difficult, and I have become more lazy. I've haven't really been studying lately until today when I just gave it the ultimate push. I think instead of trying to form sentences I'm just going to learn vocab, vocab, vocab. I'll pick up how to phrase things/grammar there. I'm using this amazing site called Quizlet. It's a flashcards online. You make the flashcards and test yourself, and the exciting thing now it can speak the word to you! This is making me a little more confident in being to understand a little better and pronounce the words better! Today I learned 81 vocabulary words! Although I have no idea how some of these words will help me, I'm just going through my english-romanian dictionary and choosing the simple nouns. After I complete that I will move onto verbs. Hard thing about verbs is that in Romanian you have to conjugate ALL verbs :(.

Fourth, this has nothing to do with exchange so I'll make it quick. Today I let my cat, bug, into the house. (She's an indoor cat, but likes to go outside to sleep in the sun or hunt or do cat things) She brought in a baby squirrel :-O and then she dropped it and it scurried off into the house! Then she attacked it again, so me and mom had to herd her outside. I know most of us had seen the Lion King and learned about the circle of life, but it's still creepy when it's happening in your house.......We caught a funny picture of my other cat Smoki also.....
pisic─â = cat

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