Monday, August 1, 2011

Everybody is LEAVING

Well hello again....
So the only thing new is that one of my best friends Danni, Sweden, has officially left the United States. It's a very strange feeling, knowing that I won't see her for a year. The feeling is hard to describe, it's like you don't even notice it at all until you think about it. I don't miss her until I want to go do something with her or talk with her. I wish her the best of times in Sweden!
but we were all happy

The nerf gun!
Way too much fun!
She left on the 30th of July, two days ago, and Anna and I stayed up with her the night before. EXHAUSTING, but fun. First we resolved to clean her room so that her parents didn't have to deal with it when she left. This started out as the three of us cleaning and turned into Danni and Anna cleaning and me shooting the Nerf Gun! It was amazing amounts of fun. Though around 2 am I could no longer stay awake. Anna and I had played tennis for three hours that day, and were utterly exhausted. Danni slept for 20 minutes..... I don't know how she does it. The next we left for the airport and said all of the goodbyes and stuff. Dropping people off at airports isn't as epic as it seems in the movies! First of all your waiting with them for close to an hour before they go through security. I didn't mind that but in the movies they always get their ticket, have a couple of tears in their eye and go their way. Not this time instead we took pictures of Danni and her mom and dad on a fake snowboard and chairlift. Thats how interesting our airport is....its uber small. Then when it was finally time for her to go through security we saw the security gaurd take out her bag of skittles and send it through the scanner alone.... First of all Danni as a terrorist, just wouldn't work. Second of all who hides bombs in Skittles? It was funny none the less. After she went through security we stayed with her parents for about twenty minutes as they were trying to see her through the window behind. They caught a glimpse, but I guess any parent would be like that if it was the last time they saw them for a year.

Doesn't she just look wonderful
Now that was kind of all of the exchange relatedness that I have....even though it wasn't my exchange. Danni's exchange blog is on a link to the left --->
She hasn't made a post about it yet, she's only been there for a day, so she will soon check it though : D

the wall behind the picture could be better

Hmmmm...another exchangey thing is I got my business cards. Yay! I think the picture actually turned out good! One problem you cannot see though, because it's somewhat private, is the contact information. They put my mother's cell number on it, not mine, and if anybody wants to be sending my mail they will be sending it to my neighbors because they put the wrong house number on it..... I'm still debating on what to do. I don't want to get it redone because that would cost more money. I'm thinking white out, but that would just look tacky...... maybe write it on the back. There's a map on the back, of course! the map is quite ugly, but I have learned that there is a Burlington, Colorado......hmmm oh welll! At least the picture is good :D

35 days until I leave, it seems so far. Good thing though is that school, here in the United States, starts in about three weeks. School for me starts in another month and a half, so I get to sleep in while those suckers get to get up. Plus it's another chance to say goodbye before I leave.

Strange thing to blog about but my cat, the one who brought in the squirrel, has peed in my suitcase. Not on my suitcase but in. I ended up having to wash everything and dousing my suitcase in a mixture of vodka, white vinegar, and this nice smelling stuff. It might be febreeze I didn't really pay attention. My wallet was even in there, so I had to put my money in the wash! I swear my cat has it out for me! She is very cute though! It's hard not to think so....

Since I've already taught you had to say goodbye
La Revedere Mea Prieten = Goodbye My Friend
I'll miss you
: D


  1. It was actually the buttons that caused the problem, she just thought it was strange that one person had so many skittles. I wanted to tell her that I'm secretly a fat person, but I figured she would find that strange so instead I just told her I really liked candy, haha.

    On a side note, you are somehow magical because the little arrow you made pointing to my blog is actually pointing right to the link, special.

  2. You should have told her that you were secretly a fat person! Although they might think you were a terrorist because you lied. You will be fat person if you eat all that candy! Even though you're giving them as presents!

    I know I'm that magical, although when I do another post it wont be right there but we can bask in the glory right now! Hope your enjoying Sverige, talk to you when we are magical enough to be online at the same time!