Friday, July 1, 2011

2 Months and 5 Days Away so Far Away

Since I didn't want to do a post without a picture
The piano

Well, lately, I have been talking to my host sister a lot. She is very kind, and I'm very excited to go now. 2 months and 5 days seems to far away! I have now discovered that my host father plays tennis, and, maybe, signed me up for lessons. I have never played tennis before so my friend, Danni, tried to teach me the other day. It was SO much fun, except niether of us are very good at it. I hit the ball! That in my mind is very suprising! Only thing now today I'm very sore, well my arm, it makes me feel like a wimp. I got some new pictures I'm not going to post these due to privacy. Oana and my host dad, like motorcycles, me I have only ever been on my dad's dirt bike, similar, but I can't wait to get to ride one. My host sister even has a minature motorcycle collection in her room! It all seems so exciting when I get to know them all better, I have talked a little with my host mom, Dani, but Claudiu, my host dad, is on a motorcycle trip throughout Europe right now! I find that rather exciting! 

New update on life in general. My sister, genetically related to sister, is now coming home from her month long excursion throughout Europe. Sadly enough, I was getting used to being a single child :(. She's doing somethings that I fairly disagree with right now, I'm not going to go into specifics. Another thing is now that its getting closer to the leave date, I have to focus on the language, not easy. Romanian right now sounds like an alien language. I use the website Live Mocha, the link is on the side of my blog somewhere under websites. I feel like its wrong, actually I know it's wrong cause there are some words in a phrase that make no sense! At least it's great for vocabulary, and you can talk to natives! As most of you can probably tell this is more of a whine post, but I am overly excited to go and can't wait to tell you more!

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