Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going Away Party

My friend Anna dressed up!
Its been a busy 2 days! First I waited for 12 hours for the Harry Potter part 2 premier! I know I'm a geek. Though after an hour of watching the first 1 minute (in which I now have memorized) they sent everybody home! Though due to my epicness (not really) my group of 3 and one other group of 4 got to get a PRIVATE SHOWING of the movie!!!! Plus 2 free tickets to any other movie we want to see! Bad part of this is we only got three hours of sleep! I was a zombie after that.

Me, Danni, Anna, Vee

Later the next day we had the going away party! It was mine, Danni (Sweden), and Vee (Thailand). It was fun but after being awake for so long, and only three hours sleep it was very hard to mentally be there! We met the girl who went to Thailand last year, she just got back three weeks ago! It was very nice to
 meet her and talk to her about her trip! Vee leaves to go back home in one day! I'm going to miss her so much!!!!! Danni leaves in 12 days! I'm rather jealous of that, but I will live :) I leave in 52 days....I know so close! It was so much fun to see everybody, we invited friends and the Rotary Club!
All of us at the party!

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