Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth of July! I know it's a wee bit late for that. Now that it is July, my friend Danni is leaving for Sweden! She only has 22 days, I'm quite jealous right now! As for me, nothing new has really come about. I know my third host family, sort of. There is a mom, dad, and son. The boy, Dascalu, will be coming to my district while I'm there! He'll actually be hosted in a town about an hour away from mine! Now I just want my plane ticket! I know I'm a little bit needy, Danni has yet to get her plane ticket. Which would amazingly suck. The other day I discovered how to say my towns name! I'll post the video that I found, its a very quick video.

Very exciting that I now know how to pronounce it! I also found out that maybe only eight people per year go to Romania. I have officially found 5 and 4 of which will be going to my town! All five of us are girls. Its somewhat depressing, but I'm excited to actually meet all of them. The other girl will be going to Slatina, she has a blog too:

Fun little things I have learned!

I have learned that this is a mall!
I thought it was some sciency thing
I was wrong
You can ice skate on top in the winter

Not much as been happening, and that the only thing I have really discovered.... uh oh!
Another thing is that Romania's Independance Day is December 1!
Sărbători fericite

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