Monday, June 27, 2011


Today my host sister, Oana, told me about my school. I'm scared to death now! I will be attending Colegiul National Alexandru Lahovari! For some background, my school does five subjects and switch classes three times a year. Usually get a set pick of electives.

It's very very close to our home , max. 5 minutes of  walking . It's one of the best highschools in town . The teachers are very nice and warm , although there are some exceptions which are very severe . I am sure you will be very wellcome and you will also make a lot of friends . 
About the school program.. It's a lot different from the American school . We have 16 subjects : mathematics , Romanian  , English , French or German , physics , chemistry , computers and  TIC (tehnologia informatiei si a comunicarii - The technology of information and comunication )  , music and drawing ( I think we have this 2 until the 11th grade ) , physical education , history , geography , biology , religion and social science . You might think it will be hard with so many subjects but I assure you it won't because you'll have maximum 6 hours a day and some subjects are not even seriously treated . You'll have school in the early morning , frrom about 7.30 am to about 1.30 pm . It's a good thing because you'll have all the day free to do everything you want . 
I'm glad about some of this because I need certain classes to graduate like English, TIC, physical education, and French. Other than those I'm scared. I did just take biology this year and I got an A! Religion is another subject of worry because I'm atheist. I'm not the strong kind that says that I don't believe in god, I'm more of an undecided. I know some stories about religion, but I don't know that much because I wasn't raised around that stuff. History, if it's European History, isn't a huge problem I took AP Euro here, and I'm still awaiting my test scores! Another scary thought is my arrival date. Rotary would like me to arrive in Bucharest between September 1 through tenth. I've been contacting my host family about it, and nothing has been decided, but what if it is the tenth. School starts on September 12th! I will only have TWO days of learning Romanian. Granted, I'm trying right now to learn but it's going at a very slow pace. The grammar confuses me and just how they phrase things. 

 Yay for pictures!
 şcoală = school

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