Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well then....

Well it has been awhile. I have been through Paris, Rome and now I am in Florence. Since it is a lot to go over considering I am still in Florence I am just going to give a quick travel guide to these places/country. Disclaimer: I did not go to see everything, I am on a student budget, and I am an eighteen year old girl. These things aren't meant to offend anybody.


Best Meal: Sunday Roast/Fish and Chips
Best Dessert: Cinnabon (I know I am a horrible American)
Best Attraction: Palace of Placentia
Best Church: Southwark cathedral (I didn't go into Saint Pauls :(  )
People: Nice
Best Part: People/ free museums
Worst Part: cold


Best Meal: Raclette (keep in mind I am poor, I mostly ate sandwiches)
Best Dessert: Crepes (of course)
Best Attraction: Opera House/Versailles
Best Church: Saint Chappelle
Best Part: Food
Worst Part: Smell in metros


Best Meal: Pasta (all of it)
Best Dessert: Tiramisu
Best Attraction: Forum/Vatican/Cat Sanctuary
Best Church: Saint Peters (climb the stairs to the top gorgeous!)
People: Nice
Best Part: Everything
Worst Part: HOT


Best Meal: Pasta (my favorite thing in the world)
Best Dessert: Rose Gelato (HOLY MOLY it was good)
Best Attraction: Uffizi
Best Church: The Duomo
People: Nice as usual
Best Part: Gorgeous
Worst Part: HOTTT

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