Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nobody said moving was easy

Well I have been here for a couple days, and I now all I want to do is sleep. I eat, I sleep, I eat, I sleep that is what I do with my days now. Actually I have been trying to become more settled with London. The hard part is to get a cell phone, one has to have a UK bank account. To get a UK bank account, one has to have a letter from their school. To get a letter from the school, one has to register tomorrow. I really hope that I can get a phone soon, then I won't get lost as much as I do now.
delicious asian food

My fuzzy friend

West Minster Abbey

My favorite store

life in the big city
I have to say I really love London. I love all the surprises of being here. All of the people are very friendly, and everywhere you go there is something to be amazed at.

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