Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ello Mate

I don't know why I named this post that, I just did. Well not much new to report on, but I'll try my best. I'm almost done with my visa documents completely. Finally got my financial guarantee form notarized the correct way. The first time the bank's letter head wasn't on it, and the second they put the letter head on it only upside down. I also got to order my Romanian money! Although my friends and me were joking about it the whole time. You see the Romanian money is the leu. It sounds like loo. So we would say give me a loo (as in british way to say bathroom) you looser. Yeah we're amazingly mature. :D

Playing Hide and Seek
in Wal-Mart :D
Lately all I have been doing is equal to nothing. Now more people are leaving, and not only Rotary kids. My sister whose 5 years older than me and is currently 21, I'm friends with a lot of her friends (some are in the middle). The ones in the middle are leaving for college! Lucky them they get to leave in August. In addition to the college kids leaving of course the Rotary kids are leaving and I'm amazingly jealous. About eight kids have left so far! Only three people have posted pictures :O!

School is starting soon for America. It's very strange because in my town school starts on August 22, about 2 weeks from now. Romanian school starts in over a month from now :/. I think the scariest part about school in Romania is I will have only been in Romania for five days, the other exchange students get about two weeks.

Another Strange thing with timing is that I leave in 27 days! Of course I don't include the actually day I'm leaving September sixth cause I'll be at the airport at 4:30 am, who counts that as a day? Plus I don't count the day were on because I'm strange.

Oh random though but my friends have been suggesting me to switch to google chrome instead of internet explorer. Don't do it!

Here are some pictures of life right now....... (which means boring)
My baby dog Dotti
Sending Danni on her way
With Smokey the Bear
My Sister and I playing in a costume shop

Mattie in Pink Aviators

Hopa = Oops!
My facebook taught me that today

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