Saturday, August 27, 2011

Uh OH NINE DAYS! Where did the days go?

Well I'm back again, with more....stuff

Anna and Becca at Starbucks
This week I wouldn't say has been busy, but it has been at the same time. I did go to school for a day. Well like half a day, and nothing was expected of me. I got there at 10 ish, and started out with advisory. Advisory is a class in which you're allowed to do your homework. Weird, I know! After Advisory I went to Anna's second period, Computer Graphics. In which we had an awesome time with a freshman named Kelsey, who is also my neighbor. Then we went to lunch, yummmmmmm. Doughworks and we got AWESOME BAGELS! haha. Drawing with Becca, was next, and I have to admit it was really boring. I didn't know one could lecture about drawing 1. After that AP Euro, one of my favorite classes that I took last year. After that I printed out my plane ticket. Is it sad that I waited until eleven days before I leave.

Secondly, Jaime and I had a tourist day. Our town is a tourist town and so we went to all the tourist destinations and took pictures.

<--- Jaime riding one of the horses that we have in the middle of our town.

We also went to a couple of shops on our excursion. Plus, we went to the Railroads museum.

baggy shirt + fan = fun
This is me

Later that day I got to meet the Rotary Exchange Student from Romania coming to a town close to mine. It was very nice and less awkward than when I met the Ecuador Exchange Student. It was strange though because I  don't think I have been treated in that way by a guy ever. That way = so freaking polite and nice. I have to say meeting him made me ten times more excited to go. We didn't take any pictures, but he's really tall. If you wanted a mental image haha.

My plans now are to start packing. I know I should have started awhile ago but getting the effort is way to hard. Also I'm trying to hang out with as many people as possible. I would like to see the Romanian Exchange Student before I leave again, but I don't know if that possible. Tonight I'm going to see an African Acrobatic show at my local college. I'm excited!

This is going to be so random, but I got a spider bite....ON MY FACE! Really, I mean out of all the places to get it. It's not too obvious but now I have to put neosporin on it. :( Actually you can barely see it, but still. It's doing surprisingly well too. Random hahaha

Another random thing I have noticed that Chile just shot up my flag counter, so I would like to thank them for making me feel as if I'm somewhat important. CHILE ROCKS, along with Romania hahaha :D

For future reference I will do a before i leave post and a after I get there and they might not be a week apart. :D Wish me luck with my last week

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  1. Cool blog! Found it through Cultures Shocked. I'll be following while on exchange in France this year!