Friday, August 19, 2011

Less than 20 days left!

I'm not sure when the count down actually begins but here is the list of dates.

The view of my town
with a couple of branches
-2 Days until I meet the girl from Ecuador coming to my home town.
-3 Days until school starts here (I can't help but laugh every time I think of it hahaha)
-6 Days until I go to drop off my schedule and say goodbye to people ( I know sucks that I have to go at all, but the goodbye part could be good).
-7 Days until I meet the boy from Romanian going to a town close by mine.
-Estimated 13 Days until my father comes home.
-17 days total :) The weird part is i keep thinking, "oohhhh tomorrow will be 16," when it's not actually that close.....

Who wouldn't be excited for this?
Am I excited?

The answer is yes and no. It's not that I'm not excited for it, but it's very far away. I haven't even gotten everything I need, host family gifts, said goodbye or anything. Although we have planned out my last night here. Yummy Italian food at my favorite restaurant.

What's new?

I bought stretchy jeans. The wonders of these pants. They are so comfortable! Two complaints though. 1. They are a tiny bit too long (petty complaint, I know). 2. They have fake pockets :/ SAY WHAT! I have no place to put my phone hahaha

Good things so far

- I'm at 17 days :O I think thats good
-My host sister, Oana, made it safely to her host town in the US
-My host mother, Dani, added me on skype (although I'm quite nervous to skype her)
Our Skype Conversation
Don't ask what she's doing
-I'm going shopping tomorrow
-I'm going to sleep soon (I LOVE my sleep)
-My friend Danni, whose in Sweden, is having a great time.
-My dog, Socks, is on my bed keeping my feet warm haha

Romanian dictionary
It's a life saver

Romanian is actually going along well, in my point of view.

This is going to be a short post since nothing new has happened.

Îmi pare rau = I am sorry (for having such a pointless post)

Hopefully I will have more to report on later :)

I almost forgot I have a story! My sister, her boyfriend, and me went out to sushi. I never order sushi I just eat whatever gets put in front of me so this is what we got

 This my dear friends is a fish. I know I shouldn't have named him, but I did. His name is Benny. He was used as a bowl to feed us. How sad isn't it. Then Ty, my sister's boyfriend, ate his face. UGHHHHH he lost points there my dear friends. But then he paid for it so it was all okay. hahahaha

And that right there my dear friends --->
is heaven. I don't know what it is, but it tasted AMAZING. I LOVE SUSHI!

Did you know sushi in Romanian is sushi.
I think it's because they don't have sushi there hence there is no original word for sushi. I wonder what sushi is called in Japanese?

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