Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well, I am now in the beautiful country of Estonia. I love it here! The architecture is intricate and stunning. There is nothing like a medieval town to brighten ones spirits. I find myself listening to purely classical music, and trying to imagine the streets 300 years ago. Some places I would definitely say to cover while you are in Tallinn would be.

1) Go to Old Hansa, it is a delicious restaurant in which you can eat like a barbarian (no silverware). Drink delicious, dark, honey beer all by candlelight.
2)Go to a restaurant on the main square ask to use the bathroom, cause one of them has a bathroom in a chimney and it is pretty darn cool.
3)Go to all the cool churches
4) Go to the wall, there is a place where you can try on chain mail and hold medieval weapons.
5) Go to the oversee of the city (most amazing views)
6) I am going to go eat some more XD

Sorry this is short, but I hope it satisfies.

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