Friday, August 16, 2013

Lots of Moving

Well, I have returned from the amazing country of Estonia. All I have to say is Estonia should be on everybody's list of places to go before you die because it is absolutely spectacular.

When I wrote the two sentences above was probably about three days ago, and things have definitely changed. I have left Tallinn and Helsinki, and I am now in the beautiful city of London. We arrived yesterday in the evening at Gatwick Airport (quite a dodgy airport). For a future hint, if you don't have to travel Norwegian Air save yourself the trouble. You don't even get complementary water, yes they expect you to die of dehydration for 3 hours.
 We rode the trains from Gatwick to Milton Keynes a quaint town north of London. We stayed with my friend's relatives. The train was long, however, everybody was so helpful and kind. Our hosts were so kind, and very accommodating. It was the first time I had ever tried a crumpet and they are addictive. I am going to become fat here, just by eating crumpets. We went to bed completely sore because we also had to carry my two heavy suitcases both weighing around 50 pounds. Both of them weigh around the same weight as my travel companion. So now we are bruised and sore, and glad to be rid of them. The next day, which is today, we woke up and ate a traditional english breakfast.
It was completely delicious, then we went and walked through the town with their especially cute dog, Jasper. It was such a stereotypic old English town, and it was adorable. We walked along the picturesque countryside, and it seemed like the perfect life. Soon after we went to a Carvery, which is where you get delicious slow roasted meats and vegetables. It was delicious. We sadly had to say goodbye to our hosts, although I will be seeing them again to get my bags. We rode the train into London, now we are at our hostel. For being booked last minute the hostel is great. It is in a good part of london and the service is fantastic. We are roomed with some nice people, well I have only met two. One ran out of the room once he saw us, the other is a nice polish guy who is here to meet up with old colleagues. Overall, I am quite excited to be in London and can't wait to start exploring it!

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  1. Hi, I'm 16 years old and have participated in a summer Rotary Youth Exchange program to Belgium and I definitely am interested in going abroad for a year, preferably in Eastern Europe. I was searching for exchange videos and happened to come across yours from Romania and I was immediately interested! I think I really want to go there, but I don't know how. Even though Romania isn't on the list on Rotary countries, can I ask the youth organizer if Romania could still be an option? Did you have to request it or was Romania on the list at the time you chose countries? Also, is it a safe place? How bad is the dog problem? Because I came across the video of when you got bit. To avoid getting routine shots in the arm, what should I do to avoid that issue if I go? I'm sorry that this is so random but I'm dying to know details about the country and if it's a possibility! Thank you so much and any of your thoughts would be appreciated!