Sunday, July 28, 2013

Suomi Time

          Well I have been in Finland for a week and it has been a great adventure. After battling the jetlag (which has proven to be very strong this time), I finally got to see the city. My days have been filled with delicious food (including chocolate), and good company. My hosts have been very kind, and entertaining me all week, for which I am very grateful. Soon, my friend will be here (my hosts are her parents) which will make this whole situation even better. It seems like I have been here a lot more than a week because I have done a lot more than I usually do in Colorado in a month.
          In the land of the midnight sun, I still go to sleep around three and wake up around eleven. This jetlag has put up an awe-inspiring fight, however, it will soon be defeated. The days that I have spent in Helsinki have been fantastic. My hosts taking me to the city and showing me around. To say the least Helsinki is one of the most modern, yet, winsome cities I have been in. Some streets are filled with fashion boutiques, and the most hip design stores. Others, are cobblestone streets with the harbor to one side and a charming market on the other. To say the least, Helsinki, should be on everybody's Bucket List. Since this computer doesn't have a place to read a sim card, and I can't find where I put the charger for the PC I will simply have to put photos from Google. Don't worry I am getting a SD USB reader, hopefully, soon.
Helsingin tuomiokirkkoSuurkirkko

 The city of Helsinki is filled with beauty and fun things behind every corner. One thing I would definitely suggest visiting that isn't quite on the beaten path is a place called the Crypt Cafe. It is near the main white cathedral, and it is one of the most charming cafe I have had the pleasure of taking tea in.

        Also, my hosts, were kind enough to take me to a charming town west of Helsinki called Turku. Turku is a very interesting town with an medieval church and castle. There is no way to describe this town except for a fantastic weekend get-a-way. Although we were only there for a couple hours, it was still well worth it. I will write more about it, once I can upload my pictures, and explain more thoroughly. Well that is it for now, hope whomever reads this is enjoying my adventures. Also everybody send out their thoughts/prayers/good karma/whatever you want to my friend so she can get her passport back from an embassy so she can join me here in Helsinki soon!  

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