Monday, July 8, 2013

Visa time!

I have had the most stressful two weeks of my life. First on Friday I went to an old housemate's wedding. It was one of the most gorgeous ceremonies I have ever seen. They were quite adorable and everything seemed perfect. Then I had to leave early, much to my dismay and leave for my cousin's wedding. My friend Anna and I drove throughout the night and got to the wedding just in time the next day. It too was also a beautiful ceremony and wedding. It was nice to see all of my relatives for the last time before I left. Now I am sitting at an Einstein's Bagels waiting for my visa appointment. Throughout these weddings I have also been frantically collecting documents so that I can get my visa in time. Today though is the last day. I am taking my biometrics (fingerprints, facial scans, etc.) and then I will be leaving for Helsinki in two weeks. It is strange to thing that I only have one more weekend left in America. The bittersweet sense of saying of goodbye has kicked in, but also the excitement of a whole new chapter. I cannot believe that for the next four years I will be living in London. One of the world's biggest metropolis's will be at my disposal. I am still quite nervous for many things including that I still don't have a flat/house there. I have been looking around and London gives a new meaning to expensive. The next two weeks, I have a feeling are going to give my nerves a run for their money, but hey that is what adventure is! 

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