Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Helsinki at last!

Well after some sad goodbyes and hours of flying I am finally in Helsinki, Finland. I haven’t been here too long and I haven’t gotten to see too much! However, from what I can tell it is an enchanting country. I left Denver International Airport around five o’clock, and arrived in Reykjavik at 6 o’clock in the morning the next day. Iceland was really foggy and I could barely see ten feet past the window, however, the airport was really nice. The small airport was refreshing due to the fact that most airports could almost be considered small cities themselves. Iceland air was a fantastic airline to go with. The planes were smaller, which caused the trip to be a little bumpier, however, you weren’t on a plane with hundreds of people.  
The flight attendants were very kind and friendly. The only down side is that one has to pay to get food, I didn’t get anything on the plane for the reason that plane food usually makes me want to go die in a corner of the plane. I had about twenty minutes in Reykjavik before boarding my flight to Helsinki. I arrived in Helsinki around 2 o’clock, took a nap before four o’clock. Now I am up around 4 o’clock in the morning. I have a feeling like myself and jetlag may be at war. The hardest part is right now at 4 AM the sun has already risen and so has every bird. There squawks echo throughout the room, making me not want to go to sleep even more.

            Helsinki really is a unique city, not only because of the climate. I have only been here a couple of hours, and I was asleep for about half of them, but one can definitely tell that it has certain happiness about it. At the airport I was trying to find a luggage cart, much to my dismay I found a broken one. Some men helped me carry my bags out to where I was meeting my friend’s I am staying with. Then on the bus a woman with two adorable children started talking to us. It seems like small things that do happen everywhere, however, this little things made my day. The city itself has architecture like I have never seen. It is a mix of modern and early nineteen hundreds. It is truly a spectacular city. The Finnish language is an extremely adorable and yet difficult language to learn. Just listening to the tid bits I have only picked up was how to say “Thank you,” and I have already forgotten.

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