Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting to know you!

Since some of you probably don't know that much about me, I felt like I should do a post about my current life right now!

Family: I live with my mother, and we have 4 animals! Dotti and Socks are our two dogs and they are so adorable! Dotti is.....crazy and Socks is.......lazy. Then we have 2 cats. Bug and Smoki! You can just say those two hate each other, one is rather strange. Bug she loves to be held like baby Simba in the lion king!

Dotti being too adorable

On the other hand my older sister lives with my father. She at the current moment is on the adventure of a lifetime in Europe. On this side of the family my grandmother also lives in my hometown.

Life at Home: We rent out rooms to college students and other people in our community. Since we do this I definitly get my fair share of personalities! Sometimes you will get people who will sing on the deck at 2 in the morning (not so wonderful) and people who are completely awesome! Although sometimes I feel like my puppies love them more :(.......(not really, I'm their master)

Anna, Vee, Danni

Friends: I have a great friend group! One of my friends is also an exchange outbounder with me, except she's going to Sweden! I seem to be really close with her lately because we have something to talk about, and with her and my constant babbling about the exchange other friends become rather annoyed, so we really have each other to talk about the exchange with. Another friend in which she quite enjoys our constant babbling is Anna. I've known Anna since fourth grade, but she moved away in seventh grade to AUSTRALIA! She returned to us in our sophomore year in highschool, so she can relate to our excitment! Becca, the most talkative out of all of them, I met in sixth grade. She's also awesome! Whitney, I met in eighth grade, and she's a great cook! Sequoia, just joined our little group, and she's awesome! She loves to write and stuff.....
Vee, whose danni's host sister, is ADORABLE! I love her she so cute! Sadly though, she's leaving very soon. She is the inbounder from Thailand!

Summer Palace

Forbidden City

Most Memorable Experience: I feel like you can learn so much about a person if they only tell one story. My story is when I went to China about 3 years ago. It was amazing! It was for two weeks and we went to four cities. First stop Beijing, the city with crazy architecture! I went to the forbidden city on the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Sqaure, and managed to got picked up by a military person and carried across a courtyard! Second stop Xi'an, we rode old, rickety bikes on the city wall. Me and all of my friends crashed and injured ourselves. I sadly enough broke my camera :( Third stop, Guilin. The most BEAUTIFUL city on this planet. The mountain are just gorgeous, I would suggest to everybody who is going to china to go there! Last stop Shang hai the end of the journey. Where my friends bought lasers and illegaly brought them back to America! OH NO! I have criminals for friends! oh well!

Me and Danni at the Sacred Way
Fun Facts about Moi

I'm lactose intolerant
My favorite foods are Chai, Chocolate, and Cheese (rather sucks to be lactose intolerant)
I've played piano for 12 years
I love to be involved in theatre!
I love the French language!

I am smiling at you
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