Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well I'm sorry I haven't updated you....a lot has happened since Arad. First we had a week of school.....
that part isn't too intresting haha. Then this last weekend we went to the mountains at a place called Ranca. It was beautiful!                                 
As you can tell it was beautiful. It was for a motorcross that my host dad was participating in.

We found the cutest puppy
Then we partied a little...
Then there was a cute kid
We got back home on Sunday, then I went to Interact. Interact was very fun, and I can't wait to go this next time. On the way to Interact, I saw an awesome house.

Then there was an interview of national television..... Shelby said in romanian, "I don't have a girlfriend" when they asked her why she was blushing about them asking her about the no dating rule.....hahahaha.

Shelby, Lexi, Me, Angelo, Teodora, Sebastian, and the Interviewer
Teodora, Angelo, and Sebastian were all very nice. They are Romanians that went to US in the past :D

Then we had another week of school. School has actually been great this week. We have a new classmate named Teodora, she's awesome. The others are awesome too, including Dre and Martha :D

Dre, Teodora, Martha

Teodora si Martha

Me and Dre :D

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