Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't posted anything, I'll try to keep it regular but it can be hard. I'm busy all the time!
Well I don't know if I mentioned in my last post in R─ânca. Then my purse was stolen. I had to cancel all my debit and credit cards and now have no way of getting money. Then I went to Rotary where they felt the need to criticize me for an hour....

I don't like Rotary.....

Anyways that was my mini rant

Things that I have done here lately.

I have gone to school, slept, and eaten.

That is my life.

November in romania
Actually a couple of weekends ago we had American Night where we taught our Rotary club how to play beer pong. That was quite fun. Also in school everybody is so nice, and I don't feel quite alone. Although I'm still confused half the time, and wishing that I spoke romanian the other half, it's not bad at all. Tomorrow I leave for Timisoara, Budapest, si Vienna with my host family! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I'll do a bigger post after the weekend is over! : D
American Night
The mount Everest of Meat loaf
It's a church in a salt mine
I don't know what Lexi is doing :D

What happens in class
With '60 hair style
Aren't we glamorous

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