Sunday, February 26, 2012


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After a very crappy month, things are starting seem brighter and brighter. The snow is melting and people are generally happier. Valentines day was about a week or two ago, but Romanians don't celebrate Valentine's Day they celebrate Dragobete. It's the same idea except celebrated on the 24th. The exchange students and me went to a Rotary party for Dragobete. It was very interesting except we paid 10 lei for water O_O Water is usually like 1 lei haha oh well. There was a live band playing eighties music and there were plenty of people there. I can say we all had a good night....I think haha. Who couldn't have fun watching drunk Rotarians dance around to Jump haha. Also only on Dragobete can one get married for a single day! The mayor came by our party and married a bunch of the people there, it was soooooo sweet.

Also now in the center of town there is a market for Martisor. Martisor is a Romanian celebration where boys give girls these cute little pins in honor of spring coming! It also has a lot of cute valentines day stuff there. It was nice to see people out and about again, after being frozen in the snow!

That is my Valentine's Day Tree

One of the cutest puppies in Valcea

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