Thursday, January 12, 2012

One week left

Now some of you guys might be thinking one week left until what?

Just hangin
Lots of you are probably thinking, "stop whining I'm already in school," but I still don't want to go! Three weeks of break have been so nice. So many hours spent at the tea shop or the mall. The holidays though were very interesting. Quick recap: Christmas all of the celebrating was done on Christmas eve, where I went to a party with my host family at a Rotarians house. I enjoyed but it was still very awkward. For about an hour the only interaction I had was them saying, "You understand romanian" O_O. Then after that they were questioning me about school. My bad, I don't know any of my teachers names. Christmas day my host father took me for a bike ride, it was nice bonding time, but awkward turtles were flying right
New Years Night
next to me. For the week after christmas I hung out with Lexi a lot. We spent countless hours at the Chez Marie (The tea house) buying probably 50 lei worth of tea. I also got to see a friend of ours, Ilinca. I also met some new people, including one romanian who I had seen before at the Talent Show. She was a contestant and a very good one. For New Years we went with my host family and a Rotarian named Fredi. Shelby told me we were all supposed to meet at Fredi's house at 8:30. Lexi and I made plans to meet at Mcdonalds (two blocks away from his apartment) and walk there together. I went there and she wasn't there. She got there at eight which is when I walked to his apartment. I rang up his apartment and I talked with him, but I stupidly enough thought he said, "9 o'clock" (in romanian of course) when in reality he said "etajul noua" which means floor nine. I walked around in the cold for a half an hour in which I went to the main sqaure and watched some traditional romanian singing. I came back at 9 o'clock to which I Fredi tells me he thought the elevator dropped me haha. New Years with Lexi, Shelby, and Liz it turned out to be an awesome night. There was karaoke, in which the adults found lots of entertainment with us singing. Especially Liz haha. Also dancing and a lot of drinking. Now for reasons untold I feel extraordinarily close with one particular exchange student haha. Now it's has been two weeks since and I have been going along in life. Getting three packages from home haha. Also I got to meet my future host sister Diana, who goes to school in Switzerland, she is very nice. I have been really just chilling and enjoying life.

It's a pig! (I think they follow us)
"Go to Jail" I always knew I would need to know how to say that in romanian.

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