Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craciun Fericit


Well happy holidays to everyone who reads this. Christmas in Romania is going great, but it's weird. It doesn't feel like Christmas. In America, we put up a Christmas tree a month before Christmas, and there are always Christmas movies on. Plus going to get Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate with my friends was a bonus also. While missing all of that one really does realize though how appreciative they are of things at home, and here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. I have come to love my new exchange family, the other girls in Valcea are my adopted sisters now. The kids in my class are all very kind, and they have been singing Christmas Carols for most of the week. Although being with my host family is new and awkward, all is going well. Ramnicu Valcea is lit up like no other city I have seen. There is a miniature market in the center, in which they sell this amazing round cake stuff that is covered in sugar. The only thing I would wish for now, is snow...

Aren't my host puppies just so darn cute!

Well it's three days till Christmas, and I have been making plans in preparation. Actually no I have been sitting here and saying yes to everybody else plans. I will be spending Christmas with my host family and their friends. For New Years I was supposed to go party with Interact for five days! Then Mr. President of the Rotary Club cancelled our fun. Now we're hoping to go see Lucky Man Project in a club here! Still excited for whatever I do!

Well tomorrow I'm going to go Christmas shopping with Lexi, and then afterwards go ice skating :D. The ice skating rink is very cool because it is on top of the mall which is well over 5 or 6 stories. Although you will have to wish me luck, and I will probably need my Advil after this.

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